Art & Tao

We believe in practicing medicine artfully, passionately, and consistently—with principles of the Tao.

We, all of us, stand at a threshold of health. With each step we start on a lifelong journey. As practitioners, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the art of health. We understand this art as an ability to illuminate your personal health issues and to serve as your knowledgeable guide every step of the way. Put our skill in finding the best path to health to work for you. We invite you to begin your journey to wellness today. 

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Science + Skill

At San Francisco Natural Medicine we utilize evidence-based medicine and combine 30 years of clinical practice to provide the most complete and comprehensive care available in the Bay Area.

Extensive, well-documented evidence informs our unique treatment protocols. We rely on sound, evidence-based approaches; we use our skills in natural medicine and never limit your treatment options. The result is a solution set of highly effective approaches that treat underlying causes, not merely symptoms. Thousands of patients have seen what evidence-based natural medicine can do. 

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Experience = Results

Trusted practitioners of naturopathic medicine and acupuncture—we have skillfully created hundreds of uniquely effective, one-of-a-kind protocols that deliver life-changing health transformations for our patients.

Our brand of integrative natural medicine, developed through decades of acquired clinical expertise, can yield dramatic outcomes, especially for those dealing with chronic conditions that have frustrated traditional medicine. Our experience delivers results.

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