AcuQuit Smoking Cessation


We all know that smoking tobacco is bad for our health. This helpful infographic overviews the many ways that smoking impacts health.

The AcuQuit Smoking Cessation program is an effective and highly personalized program of individualized acupuncture therapy.

Acupuncture tailor-made for each individual

The AcuQuit program is designed to help people stop smoking and handle the physical or emotional withdrawal symptoms. 

We have seen many of our patients who have tried other smoking cessation programs without success use AcuQuit and remain smoke-free for good.

A holistic smoking cessation program to control cravings and withdrawal symptoms

The AcuQuit Program consists of an initial interview in which we will assess smoking habits and physical and emotional make-up. Based on this assessment, we’ll then determine the Chinese medical diagnosis for the individualized treatment you will receive. 

AcuQuit is highly individualized to your needs. No two people are treated with exactly the same approach. Every patient's acupuncture treatment is tailor-made and designed for his or her triggers and unique situation.

In addition to acupuncture, often you will be prescribed herbs or supplements to control cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

Quitting—and Staying—Smoke-Free

To make sure you stay smoke free, we continue with a series of four acupuncture treatments. These sessions are scheduled over three to four weeks, usually two treatments the first week, and then based on individual needs.

Treatments focus on reducing cravings, coping with withdrawal symptoms and promoting relaxation. 

AcuQuit is flexible enough to accommodate most patient needs and is readily modifiable if an individual is experiencing specific difficulty quitting or staying quit.