Advanced Lab Testing


At SFNM, we are sensitive to the tendency of conventional medicine to “over test” patients.

Laboratory tests only when necessary

In identifying suspected or hidden causes of health problems, it is often necessary to conduct diagnostic lab tests.

Being mindful of over testing, the doctors at SFNM do not order any lab tests until you have had an initial office visit where we can get to know you first and compile a careful health history. Only then will we work with you to properly choose the tests that will be most useful for you.

A full range of standard tests

Standard tests include blood work and urinalysis and include many common screening tests, from cholesterol to allergy, PSA to STD and many more.

Our clinic works with a number of clinical laboratories to provide an extensive range of tests to meet needs and goals, ranging standard to specialty functional medicine tests, such as neurotransmitters, food antibodies, heavy metal toxicity, predictive genomics, as well as allergy, hormones and more.

Testing for pinpointing acute and chronic digestion issues—and much more

Because acute and chronic digestion problems are so prevalent, we offer an especially wide range of digestive function tests. These tests can be extremely useful in pinpointing specific problems to help guide the proper therapeutic approaches and produce rapid and lasting results.

Our digestive function tests, like the complete range of tests we offer, are designed to serve you and your health needs.