Integrative Primary Care

More and more patients are seeking complete primary care solutions. They want primary care that bases treatment on the whole person.

At SFNM we have seen that naturopathic care serves as the best means to integrate all treatments essential for a holistic approach to primary care.

Integrative primary care is naturopathic care

Many in conventional medicine promote integrative health. However, their concept of “integrative” may be limited.

Few conventional doctors have pursued the training in both conventional and complementary therapies that a naturopathic doctor has undergone. This training is rigorous and comprehensive.

Naturopathic doctors are licensed primary care doctors in California.

Unlike conventional doctors, naturopathic doctors have extensive training in treating root cause issues using a variety of natural approaches—not merely easing symptoms for a short time.

A naturopathic doctors truly works from a large and comprehensive skill set to develop the right treatment (or combination of treatments) that will get to the root a health issue.

It is this ability to draw from a wide array of therapies and skillfully combine them for the patient's well being that make naturopathic care truly an integrative approach.

Integrating natural therapies to get at root causes

What distinguishes our approach at SFNM is our ability to work across “treatment platforms,” or to put it another way, integrating therapies from different traditions in a primary care setting.

In our effort to comprehend and treat a health issue at its deepest level, we search for common factors underlying symptoms.

As we work with a patient, we never vary from a holistic and individual approach, seeing the person's wellness as a unified whole of many facets.

The treatment we recommend reflects this understanding of integration.

We often draw from a variety of therapies, from supplements and vitamins to acupuncture to traditional Chinese medicine and other natural therapies. And at times we prescribe medications natural remedies are just not sufficient.

Naturopathic care is individualized care

However, treatment is never a random mix of approaches from a set that's simply different from conventional medicine's set.

The therapies we recommend, alone or in combination, are selected specifically and only for their effectiveness in remedying an individual's underlying health issue or issues.

We believe that our ability to integrate various therapies provides patients with the most personalized primary care possible.

This holistic approach, begun with primary care, has the benefit of identifying underlying issues and effectively treating them early on, even preventing conditions from developing.

Restoring and maintaining your health is our foremost goal.

We believe that our naturopathic and integrative approach to primary care provides the best means to restore and maintain your health and well-being.