IV Nutrient Therapy

Patient receiving IV therapy

Direct absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream can successfully treat many specific health issues as well as correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Many people have used IV (intravenous) nutrient therapy to improve their energy levels, strengthen immunity, improve endurance and athletic performance, and to treat and manage a variety of health conditions.

Safe, effective delivery of therapeutic nutrients

The challenge of oral nutrition therapies is that the dosage necessary to be effective may actually exceed what the body can normally absorb through the digestive tract.

IV nutrient therapy overcomes this challenge by safely delivering vitamins directly into the bloodstream through the veins. By bypassing the digestive tract, IV nutrient therapy guarantees that the nutrients enter the body in doses large enough to be therapeutic.

Managing a condition? Looking for a boost? We customize vitamin drips for you

Many people can benefit from IV nutrient therapy, whether they are healthy and looking for a boost or are seeking to manage a medical condition.

SFNM’s vitamin drips are customized by our naturopathic doctors. Every vitamin cocktail is created to meet your individual needs and lifestyle.

Expert care in precise dosing, high quality vitamins and nutrients—plus a relaxing environment

We formulate them according to the latest research findings to contain specific and balanced amounts of sterile, high quality vitamins and nutrients in order to address your specific health issues and nutrient deficiencies.

Our IV lounge is a cozy and quiet space equipped with comfortable chairs that recline and free wifi.


Our most recommended IV drips

Gold Standard
Myers' Cocktail

Designed to provide quick nutrient support for people on the go, Gold Standard is our basic nutrient IV, commonly known as the Myers’ Cocktail. It provides a great pick-me-up after a long weekend, travel, festival, or work. Gold Standard is effective for a wide range of conditions including fatigue, muscle spasm, allergies, menstrual pain, hangovers, and headaches.

Immune Support IV

Your immune system gets a boost in B-Immune with special nutrients to improve resistance and fight acute and chronic infections. Ingredients in B-Immune have been shown to stimulate important white blood cell production.


C-Boost quickly delivers effective levels of vitamin C, with its antiviral and antibacterial properties, to your system to support proper connective tissue and immune function. While oral doses of vitamin C can be limited by absorption through the intestines, IV administration bypasses the gut, allowing large amounts to enter the system. Vitamin C drips like C-Boost are useful for immune support and can positively contribute to care for a large variety of conditions including EBV, Lyme, urinary tract infections, chronic viral and respiratory conditions.

multi-vitamin & mineral IV

Loaded with nutrients essential for detoxification and healthy aging, Replenish is a classic multivitamin IV formula, providing general multivitamin and mineral support.


By releasing bursts of oxygen in the bloodstream, the hydrogen peroxide in B-Oxygenated helps your immune system fight acute and chronic infections. B-Oxygenated can be done daily during acute viral illnesses like the flu or 2–3 times a week for chronic infections like mononucleosis or Lyme.

Breathe Easy
Asthma IV

Breathe Easy is formulated to stabilize the cells that release histamine, one of the factors that contributes to asthma. Breathe Easy's IV treatment can be used for mild acute asthma attacks and to help reduce the frequency of attacks by providing long-lasting relief from acute episodes.



Using glutathione—the most important antioxidant in the body—G-Whiz Detox is helpful in a variety of conditions associated with oxidative damage. The glutathione in G-Whiz Detox can be used prior to radiation therapies. It can support brain health and liver function. And it is a chelator of lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. It has been shown to reduce Parkinson's symptoms. G-Whiz Detox can also be added at the end of many of our other IV’s as appropriate.


By boosting your immune system’s ability to combat cancer and nourishing the body, Cancer Care helps decrease the fatigue associated with cancer treatment. Cancer Care can be given as part of cancer support treatment, alternating with high dose vitamin C or alone.

Pump It Up
amino acid iv

With Pump it Up, you get all the essential amino acids for protein synthesis, as well as enhanced conservation of existing proteins in your body. By supporting the nutritional functions that play an important role in athletic performance, Pump it Up is great for athletic training—and for recovering from competitions. Pump it Up is also useful in disorders of the gut leading to malabsorption of nutrients like leaky gut syndrome, SIBO, hypochlorhydria, IBS, Crohn's, food allergies, and celiac disease.

Magnesium iv

With magnesium to relax muscles, including those that are part of the blood vessels, Mag-Nificent has been shown to be remarkably effective in the treatment of acute migraines and other headaches. In fact, it is used in the emergency rooms as a first line treatment for migraines.


Both wet and dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are helped by C-Better. The eyes’ tissues are extremely responsive to nutrients. C-Better provides nutrients to support eye health, especially in those diagnosed or at risk for macular degeneration.