Naturopathic Medicine

Evidence-based medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a skillful blend of centuries-old natural, nontoxic therapies with the most current scientific advances in care and treatment.

The doctors at SFNM are experienced and highly skilled in a wide range of natural therapies and how to apply these therapies to meet individual patient needs

Frustrated by conventional medicine? Unleash self-healing power for lasting results—naturally

A growing number of people are turning to naturopathic medicine to deal with persistent conditions and to improve their overall quality of life.

Many have been frustrated by conventional medicine. They haven't felt that their concerns were heard. In some cases, they found only short term relief from symptoms with no lasting improvement—and even that relief came with the cost of side effects.

An increasing number have seen that naturopathic medicine simply works more effectively for them.

They realize the value of an ongoing holistic process that can unleash the individual's inherent self-healing powers to head off conditions before they arise or worsen.

Doctors with a comprehensive set of treatment tools and therapies

Naturopathic medicine differs from mainstream medicine by using the healing power of nature in the prevention and treatment of disease and the maintenance of optimal health.

The primary advantage patients gain with naturopathic medicine is a range of treatment options that is far more comprehensive than what's often available in conventional medicine.

With our comprehensive education and training, naturopathic doctors can draw upon a large palate of therapies when working with a patient to find the approach, or combination of approaches, that will be effective.

Deeply skilled in effective approaches from around the world, the naturopathic doctors at SFNM carefully assess your condition. Then we develop a treatment plan with you that best meets your personal needs and goals.

Our extensive experience in the use of supplements and nutrients, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, detoxification, hormone therapies and more enables us to create customized treatment plans that reach beyond the confines of conventional medicine—and do so naturally.

Our range of expertise extends to clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, physical medicine, IV nutrient therapy, homeopathy, lifestyle counseling and stress management.

You enjoy a natural medical approach that can draw from an array of proven therapies as needed.

Effective treatment, education, empowerment for women's health, digestive heath, chronic pain and more

At SFNM you will discover we are true partners in your health.

We pride ourselves on educating and empowering you throughout our relationship. We help you to understand your body, mind and spirit—in a holistic way—and to see the holistic nature of your health.

You become empowered you as you overcome chronic or acute conditions and improve your quality of life.

Come to the doctors at SFNM.

You'll see how skilled, experienced, caring and informative naturopathic doctors can assist in effective treatment for acute and chronic health problems, including all aspects of family health from prenatal to menopause to healthy aging, from pain and digestive health to detoxification.