Women's Wellness & GYN Exams

comprehensive women's wellness

Your annual gynecologcial exam? Now it can be a complete health assessment

Even if your only interaction with a doctor all year is your annual gynecological exam, your comprehensive women’s wellness exam at SFNM will deliver much more.

It consists of a thorough assessment to review your female health history, family history, diet and lifestyle, as well as other risk factors for common diseases.

Breast and pelvic exams, Pap, screening tests and more in a comfortable environment

This visit includes a screening physical, a comprehensive breast evaluation, comfortable pelvic exam and, of course, the Pap (with HPV Test if indicated). We also test for sexually transmitted infections and understand the sensitivity surrounding these tests for our patients. We offer a nonjudgmental environment where women are free to discuss their sexual health concerns.

During this visit we can also order any appropriate screening tests including blood work, breast imaging, ultrasounds, bone scans, and more.